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Qigong, Shaolin Kung Fu and Meditation

Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit (left) and his Sifu, Grandmaster Ho Fatt Nam (right).

Shaolin Wahnam

Shaolin Wahnam is an institute with over 60,000 students worldwide, I am one of the only two official appointed instructors in the Netherlands. Our school teaches traditional high level Shaolin arts for health, vitality and spiritual wellness. Thousands of individuals have benefitted from our Shaolin arts. 

Benefits of  Qigong :

Relieves Pain

Relieve Emotional Issues

Reduce Symptoms of Disease

Eliminate stress

Relieves Sleep Inbalances

Strengthen Immunity

Overcome issues and attain peak performance with a daily practice of only 15 minutes. High level Qigong is suitable for all and is especially useful for people with jobs that are time consuming and fast paced. According to Chinese Medicine theory, all diseases are caused by energy blockage. Qigong helps the body be restored to its natural healthy state in order to be free from blockages. As a Qigong healer I am also interested in chronic cases deemed as "incurable" or "complex". Please bear in mind it is necessary to always consult your physician first in case of illness. 


Miguel is a great teacher. He has a deep knowledge and wide practical experience in TCM. His treatment helped me to open my body and relax the mind. His lessons started a new chapter in my life.

– Karol

“ When the heart is emptied of desire, the cause of ill health will disappear. Cut the attachments externally, and the internal injuries will be healed. Your heart should be clear and calm like a still lake reflecting the light of the moon. ”

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