Shaolin Kung Fu

My Sigung (middle), my Sifu (right) and Me (left) in Penang, Malaysia.

Southern Shaolin Kung Fu

The Kung Fu style we learn in Shaolin Wahnam comes from the Southern temple in Fujian at Guangzhou. Shaolin Wahnam is known for its development of internal force, rather than physical force and muscle building. The force derived from Southern Shaolin Kung Fu is both internal and external.


I offer to teach various levels from our Shaolin Wahnam syllabus. These are the basics of Shaolin Kung Fu, including stances, moving in stances, combat sequences of the 16 combat sequences and internal force training.  The basics are actually the most important for improving combat efficiency, form, force and speed.  The Shaolin arts require daily practice and patience in order to develop combat efficiency. 

✧    You can also learn our Kung Fu directly from my Sifu 

✧    Additionally, our Grandmaster holds intensive Kung Fu and Qigong courses in Malaysia

Internal force is the secret to Kung fu. Internal force is key to combat efficiency and health. To practice a martial art without internal force is like tasting food that gives you no nutrition. The Shaolin monks before the fall of the northern temple and destruction of the southern temple, were famously known for their feats of internal force. A lot of this internal force has been lost since the communist ban on martial arts until the 1970's.

The most popular form of Kung fu is called Wushu and it is not the traditional way of learning kung fu. Our lineage heir, the Venerable Jiang Nan escaped the burning of the southern temple of Shaolin during the Qing dynasty and travelled south to find one student to pass on all his teaching. At the age of 80 he challenged Sifu Yang Fatt Kuhn in his younger years to a friendly sparring. Yang Fatt Kuhn who was versed in martial arts was unable to keep up with the Venerable Jiang Nan despite his old age, his secret was, internal force. We teach the same practices passed down from the Venerable Jiang Nan.

I Extinguish a Candle with the Force derived from training

My Friend David Breaking the Bottom Brick of two Bricks

Lineage Information

The founder of Shaolin Qigong was an Indian Buddhist monk named Bodhidharma who brought Zen to China and the Northern Shaolin Monastery in Henan, around 500 A.D. Bodhidharma was a meditation master and is reputed to be the founder of Shaolin Kung fu. 

Our Shaolin Cosmos Qigong comes from the Southern Shaolin Temple in Fujian at the city of Quanzhou. The Venerable Jiang Nan was a Buddhist monk who survived the burning of the Southern Shaolin monastery, escaped the Qing dynasty army and fled towards Thailand and Malaysia. At around the age of 80 he chose one successor to teach everything he learned from the Southern Shaolin Monastery at Quanzhou. Our Grandmaster is the third generation successor of the Venerable Jiang Nan. 

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